Sushi Level 2

Develop & build on skills learnt in Sushi Level 1. Use your basic skills to roll beautiful Uramaki rolls and shape tasty Nigiri Sushi.

Whether served as a starter, light dinner or elegant canapé, sushi is visually stunning and a very healthy and nutritious food. In our online course you get to experience the preparation, tasting and presentation of sushi.

This sushi lesson is guaranteed to demystify the art of sushi preparation. You will learn how to create Sophisticated Sushi to share with everyone.

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Maki Sushi Ingredients

Course Content

Fundamentals of sushi rice preparation, including washing, cooking, seasoning and cooling.

How to roll Uramaki (California Rolls), make Nigiri Sushi, a Chili Mayonnaise and Miso Dip.

The equipment and ingredients required to complete the course

Cooks Academy Cooking School Dublin Ireland

Why Cook Online?

Ok so we're teaching Sushi online from Dublin of all places!

Thing is, we've been doing it successfully in our cookery school since 2005.

So we're bringing that experience online because we understand the pitfalls & exactly what customers need to produce excellent results every time.

Sushi Class Online

What's Included?

16 step by step tutorials

12 tutorial videos

Equipment List

Ingredient List


Tips and Dos and Don'ts

Sushi Level 2

Develop a broader repertoire of Sushi expertise

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