Transition Year Cooking Course 2023-24

LIVE Weekly Cookalongs 2nd Oct - until 11th Dec '23.

Hands On Practical Cooking over 13 weeks makes it ideal for Gaisce students. LIVESTREAMS via Zoom

This online cookery course is designed for teen students. Even with no cooking knowledge or fancy gadgets, YOU will be able to complete the course.

The course includes over 30 winning family recipes with video tutorials each TY can watch ON DEMAND in advance of each live cook along so they can familiarise themselves with the recipe(s). The cost includes access to the online course and LIVESTREAMS 
Once you book you will receive a login to access the online course.
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"My son, did your TY Online cooking course last year and used it for the personal skills element of his Gaisce Bronze award."

 From Repeat Customer, TY Parent who booked 2nd Son for 2022-'23.



Recipes & Zoom links are sent by Email

Maki Sushi Ingredients

Course Content

Learn how to make a variety of starters, main courses and desserts along with a few essential baked goodies that every confident home cook should know.

Fundamentals of baking and cooking methods.

How to plate up simple dishes into impressive starters or desserts.

The equipment and ingredients required to complete the course.

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Parent Testimonial

..."It was a great course and very well organised, great to have the videos to watch ahead of the class. My son's favourite dish to make and eat was the stir fry. The rest of us all loved the chicken and leek pie. The dishes were all very tasty. It was great to see how much he progressed each week".

Student Testimonial

"Thank you so much for the TY course! I really enjoyed it, I learnt lots and the food was yum😋 My favourites were the stir fry and brownies!"

Sushi Class Online

What's Included?


20 Essential Recipes

30 step by step tutorials

Equipment & Ingredient Lists

Trustworthy, Tested Recipes

Recipe Downloads (Pdf)

Tips and Dos and Don'ts

Testimonials from TY Students & Parents:

The best feedback is seeing siblings of previous students returning for their chance to participate in the cooking course....

TESTIMONIALS FROM Transition Year Students:

Hi Vanessa, Thank you for everything on the course I really enjoyed it and learned alot.  TY Student Jan - May '22

Hi Vanessa, Thanks so much for this course I have really enjoyed and discovered so many new recipes! - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

Hi Vanessa, Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the cookery course! I hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas. Here’s my sausage rolls and apple pies. I used apple, as I don’t eat mince pies! - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

Thanks a million... - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

Hi Vanessa, ..... I have loved the course so much it has been such a great experience. regards J.... - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

Hi Vanessa. I am really enjoying the classes. - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

Vanessa. Thank you so much for this course I really enjoyed it and it will be one of my highlights from TY for sure. I never thought I would be able to make the chicken and leek pie on my last day never mind my first.... - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

Thanks very much for doing the course. It really helped me to improve my cooking skills and my interest in cooking.... - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

I really enjoyed the classes and I especially loved the Eve’s pudding. Thank you for the wonderful class.... - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

"Hi Vanessa, here's my burger and roulade from last night. I just wanted to say thank you for the course I really enjoyed every week an learned a lot.... - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

Hi Vanessa, I'm really enjoying the cooking course and my parents are delighted that i cook dinner for them every Tuesday. For the Gaisce award I need to learn a new skill and practice it for an hour a week for 13 weeks and I would like to do the cooking course as my new skill..... - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

Thank you for the amazing course..... - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

Hi Vanessa, I have really enjoyed doing the TY cookery course. I am wondering is it the same course repeated in January as I am interested in signing up again. Regards, E..... - TY Student Sept-Dec '21

Thank you very much, really enjoyed the course.....

TESTIMONIALS FROM Transition Year Parents:

Hi Vanessa, I was able to pop into Galway to collect my Da off the train. Meanwhile, [Son] had his Chicken Korma all set for when we got in the door. His Grandad was well impressed! [Son] is really enjoying this course and I'm enjoying eating it. The Chicken and Leek Pie was gorgeous! - TY Parent, Shane May 2022

Hi Vanessa Pictures from tonight, [Son] enjoyed the classes, thanks very much! - TY Parent, Carmel May 2022

Hello Vanessa, Thank you so much for the wonderful course. It was great to have my dinner cooked on a Tuesday evening over the past few months!! The recipes were all beautiful and all within [Son's] ability. He learned so much, although he is slow to admit it and I learned a lot of tips as well!    I would certainly recommend this course to anybody and in particular to TY students – it is ideal.    
Thank you for the certificate and all the recipes!  Happy Christmas - Martina
Wonderful!!! mission accomplished - feels so great to have a son who can cook!    - Barbara
Thanks so much we really enjoyed our time with you. Thanks for doing such a great job too we love your lessons - Mary    
Thank you so much, Vanessa! We’re all delighted! Such an achievement. Thank you for all the hard work you put in, you’re a great teacher. The course was so easy to follow and [Son] managed to produce edible meals. We’ll be seeing you again soon for sure.  Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and good luck with everything for 2022.    Until then,     - Suzanne   
Thank you for the certificate and indeed your great enthusiasm each week. I expect it was very difficult with everyone’s cameras off so you were not sure who was there.  We looked forward to dinner every Tuesday. You certainly composed a very tasty recipe each time and [Son] learned a lot of new techniques in cooking.    
Kind regards,  - Aileen   

Thank you from both of us Vanessa.   [Daughter] really enjoyed the course and did it all herself as I was working!!!       
Have a wonderful Christmas.    - Sarah

Hi Vanessa, [Daughter] will be attending the graduation class.. we will keep making them at home... in advance thank you for everything and have a lovely Christmas.   kind regards,  - Natasha

WE'VE BEEN GETTING WONDERFUL REVIEWS.... from teachers, parents and students.  

Develop a passion for Cooking through HANDS ON LEARNING

€99.00 Book Now