For most pastry Chefs, learning to make macarons is a milestone in their career. Making them may seem daunting, but once you follow the clearly laid out steps by our Chef Instructor, you'll learn the tips on how to make perfect macarons every time. The cooking class demonstrates the fundamental steps to macaron making.  You'll gain confidence in making exquisite, colourful French Macarons using a simple technique perfected by our Chef Instructors in our Cooking School in Dublin, Ireland.

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Course Content

A comprehensive class with step-by-step video instructions on how to make perfect macarons.

How to add colour to macarons.

Tips and Tricks to to achieving the right consistency for piping, resting time pre-baking and how to bake macaron shells with the characteristic 'foot'. 

How to make 2 different types of fillings.  Chocolate Praline Ganache filling and Orange Buttercream.

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Why Cook Online?

Even professional chefs will say that macarons can be tricky, and it takes practice to get them right every single time.

This is a recipe for confident bakers but our clear instructions make them accessible to all enthusiastic cooks. 

As your confidence grows, you can look forward to experimenting with a world of elegant pastel colours.

We're bringing that experience online because we understand the pitfalls & exactly what customers need to produce excellent results every time.

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What's Included?

11 step by step tutorials

11 tutorial videos

Equipment List

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Tips and Dos and Don'ts