Chocolate Desserts

Nothing impresses quite like a chocolate dessert. Our 3 fabulous recipes combine chocolate with fresh berries, whiskey, cream and caramel to create desserts with a real wow factor. We will guide you through working with chocolate so you can make a whole repertoire of stylish chocolate creations.


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Course Content

A guide to working with chocolate, including step by step video guides to creating 3 stunning restaurant standard chocolate desserts.

Master the key skills needed to make chocolate work for you every time, including how to get the best from the sometimes tricky white chocolate.

We’ll share our chef’s tips and tricks such as how to create professional standard quenelles so your desserts look as good as they taste.

Each course contains a full list of the equipment and ingredients required to complete the course.


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Why Cook Online?

Ireland has a strong reputation for the quality of the ingredients used in its cuisine. Learn how to make this treasure trove of elegant chocolate desserts online with our Chef Instructor from the heart of Dublin City.

Unlock the secrets of working with chocolate and be inspired to create your own indulgent chocolate desserts for friends and family.

We're sharing our experience online because we understand the pitfalls and we can help you avoid them. We know exactly what cooks of all levels need to produce excellent results every time.


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What's Included?

9 step by step tutorials

9 tutorial videos

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