Bread Level 1

Start your bread making career with quick bread recipes that do not require yeast. These are referred to as unleavened breads and include scones, soda breads and flatbreads. They are much faster than most other bread recipes which involve kneading and time proving dough. Because they do not contain any yeast these quick breads are leavened by the combination of flour, baking soda, salt, and an acidic liquid.

You don’t have to wait a long time for these breads to rise.

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Course Content

A beginner course on how to make 'Quick No Knead' breads, also known as unleavened breads.

How to make sweet scones and also a loaf bread with wholemeal flour. 

How to make a delicious yoghurt flat bread.

The equipment and ingredients required to complete the course

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Why Cook Online?

Ireland is famous for its traditional soda breads. Learn how to make these wonderfully quick and simple breads online with our Chef Instructor from the heart of Dublin City!

How to make Irish Soda Bread is the first recipe we teach our culinary students when they commence the Chef Certificate course.

We're bringing that experience online because we understand the pitfalls & exactly what customers need to produce excellent results every time.

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What's Included?

12 step by step tutorials

11 tutorial videos

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Bread Level 1

Learn to make Quick No Knead Breads including Brown Soda Bread and Irish Scones.

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