Main Course Salads

Summer wouldn't be complete without sharing crisp fresh salads with loved ones and friends. Our 3 super quick salad recipes use simple ingredients and each has a distinctly delicious dressing. The dressings can all be made ahead and stored for use whenever you want to dress the salad.


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Course Content

A beginner course on how to create 3 mouth-watering salads and dressings to make restaurant standard salads.

Each salad can be assembled quickly to create light, healthy, nutritious and tasty alternatives to carbohydrate laden main courses.

Secrets such as grilling  chicken in advance will be shared and how to make larger quantities of dressings which can be stored in a sterilised jar to use whenever you need them.

The equipment and ingredients required to complete the course.

Cooks Academy Cooking School Dublin Ireland

Why Cook Online?

Ireland has a strong reputation for the quality of the ingredients used in its cuisine. Learn how to make these wonderfully stylish and contemporary salads online with our Chef Instructor from the heart of Dublin City!

Learning how to make various types of dressings is important for all cooks who want to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

We're bringing that experience online because we understand the pitfalls & exactly what cooks of all levels need to produce excellent results every time.

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What's Included?

9 step by step tutorials

9 tutorial videos

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